When you are hurting…Go get that child!

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Children_Easter_Sunrise-280x335Most highbrow spiritual language evaporates quickly when we are triggered and hurting. We are so scared that who we are is not okay and the world outside of us often seems to reinforce this negative belief. We can feel that hurt little child within cringing, eyes filled with tears and turning away in despair. What would you do if that was your own son or daughter…

Go get that child!

Do whatever it takes to get that little part of you and hold it tight in your arms and kiss its head and whisper over and over and over that s/he is loved and that it is not true that s/he is alone and abandoned.

Go get that child!

Find a mentor, a coach, a minister, a therapist, a friend, a practice, a men’s group, a women’s circle and get the support you need to go and get this child.

On behalf of the whole world but most importantly your one precious life.
Go get that child!

Drugs won’t do it. Booze won’t do it. Sex won’t do it. TV won’t do it. Shopping won’t do it. Distraction of any kind won’t do it.

Do whatever it takes to locate and embrace that child. It is alone and crying and nobody else can do it. We keep hoping someone else will take care of this child for us because we don’t know how yet. But the whole purpose of being alive is to learn how to care for that child within us. It is only way we can ever really be of service to the world. Embracing your own pain will show you how to give your gift to the world.

You can do it. And only you can do it. That child does not want anyone else. The child does not want your parents or your partner or your kids or your boss to love him or her. The child wants you.

This child wants to know that you see and accept its soft innocence for what it is. It needs to know it can trust you to take care of it and show up for it and choose situations that are life-giving. Once it knows this it can stop being scared and once it stops being scared then the ego has no power.

Because the ego uses this child as a pawn. The ego whispers in that child’s ear: nobody loves you anyway … you don’t matter … if you don’t do something the world is going to abandon you again… The child panics, you get triggered and start preparing for battle. You and everyone around you begins to suffer.

Go get that child! Rescue that little one from the hiss of the lying serpent. Show that tender innocence with your heart and your body and your attention what is true.

This is the difference between abundance and scarcity, between expansion and contraction, between love and fear. Go get that child! And, if now is the time, let’s talk about how I can support you in this journey that will transform your life.

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  1. Kat

    Great article Ernest.

    Just this morning whilst playing with my son- he was the superhero and I was ‘The baddie’. He kept saying for me to put him in prison and shut the door (playtent) then I would say things as we played like “Aha! Now you are stuck and have no power and you are trapped”. Then he would stand up and burst out of the tent saying “You will never destroy me” and ‘fly’ with his arms straight out in front around the room.

    As we played I had a lump in my throat as it quietly bubbled into my awareness that this is how the ego speaks to my inner 3 year old: “You are nothing, who do you think you are, you can’t be free and you are not powerful…”

    As adults we may ridicule the idea of that superhero part of us who could not be harmed, believed they could fly, communicate with animals, see through walls and never die. Or perhaps we give up on that part of ourselves when we ‘grow up’

    And yet these are the qualities of our souls.

    If we allow ourselves to reconnect with their truth and power we become truly indestructible.

    The love and support from friends, mentors and caring people who ‘get us’ and see that light and truth know that any shadow is pure illusion.

    With the clear seeing of a loving witness the conflict between dark and light, love and fear can even start to feel more fascinating, like childsplay, and even laughable

    Thanks for being on my team brother. Sending you and your 2x 3 year olds lots of love and playtime. xx

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