How love works

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The art of growing in love

Is it time to transform your relationship?

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is a practice. Growing in love is an art.

I believe in true, deep, sustainable  love. But it’s far more rare than falling in love. Almost all of us struggle. I sure did. But it wasn’t for lack of trying. In fact, I tried everything.

But here’s what trying didn’t reveal: True love requires TRUTH. And our culture has taught us 1000 halfhearted things about love and loving that aren’t TRUE. It’s like trying to assemble an airplane with instructions for a tugboat

When we apprentice ourselves to TRUE love everything in our intimate relationships begin to make sense. Instead of confusion, frustration and pain we get freedom, beauty and wonder. Not a bad trade, right?

So if you are ready to bring the TRUTH back to your true love you’re in the right place.

Will you apprentice yourself to love?

How Love Works:
The art of true love

Becoming wholehearted and learning the art of true love is an initiation.

True love is not something that happens to us like being hit by lightning – it is place we go INSIDE ourselves so we can bring it into our relationships with simple technology for communicating and relating.

Either you know how to go there or you don’t. And no amount of pretending you know moves the needle.

I show couples step by step how to get to the place inside themselves where true love happens and how to nourish, empower and sexy their relationship from that space.

It turns out that true love has a rhythm and once you learn to hear the beat and move to the music the dance with your partner gets better and better.

 Will you let love have its way with you?

 How Love Works – The Initiation


Because the purpose of life is to experience the rapture of being alive and to share that in our intimate relationships. Life can be very challenging otherwise and gets increasingly harder. 


A couples mentorship container with Ernest Morrow. Expect to change your lives as individuals as well as your relationship.


Regular Zoom or in person sessions plus ongoing text, email and voice support. Each individual works with Ernest at least twice a month and we have couple sessions at least twice per month.

How long?

Most couples complete the mentorship within 50 sessions which can takes between 5-10 months depending on our frequency.

How much?

Not so much that you can’t afford it but enough to feel like you’re making a serious commitment.

Let’s have a conversation.

What if your relationship was your greatest source of pleasure?

How to Apply 

Step 1:  Read through this entire page carefully. Make sure you are quite excited about this opportunity before moving on to Step 2.

Step 2: Reach out to Ernest directly below or by email – ernest(at)  – and express your motivations.

Step 3: Ernest will respond within 7 days. You will be invited to answer some questions and book a (free) 60 minute session so you can discern a fit. 

Schedule an exploration call with Ernest.

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