Empowering Intimacy


Most people have taken more math classes than intimacy classes. 

And it shows.

It’s time to Empower Intimacy in your relationships.

Empowering Intimacy is a Masters Degree in Intimacy

In This 5-Part Series I Will Take You on a Journey:

  • Build a reliable foundation for a lifetime of intimacy
  • ​Learn how to communicate and relate like a PRO
  • Unlock and upgrade the habits that keep you stuck and stressed.
  • ​Turn conflict into connection
  • Find the key that will turn sex from friction to fulfillment

Empowering Intimacy is a breakthrough Into Relational Fluency.


Like any language, when we immerse ourselves in a culture of wisdom and truth about love we learn what is impossible to get on our own.

This Stuff Works…


Working with you has given us both the opportunity to have the most extraordinary, beautiful, intimate relationship.

You have taught us not just incredible communication skills but you have shown us how to use the triggers that normally throw an explosive bomb of charge into a relationship as a way of connecting at a deeper level, and advocating for one another.

Without your brilliance and precision coaching I know never would have had the chance to experience what I have now – the love of my life.

Regena T, “Mama Gena” – www.mamagenas.com


Ernest gives you every single step of the journey.

Module 1 – The Real of Love

  • The truth about love and intimacy and why it doesn’t work any other way.
  • The fundamentals of polarity (how to keep attraction alive over the long term)
  • How to crack the hidden code of your beloved (how your inner masculine and feminine energies impact your relationship)
  • ​The difference in relation from the nervous system vs the heart

Module 2 – The Real of Communion

  • Communication for communion.
  • Feel seen, met and deeply heard.
    The hidden reason we are all in relationship and how to make sure it happens.
  • How to stop the dance of codependency that destroys all intimacy and move into empowered

Module 3 -The Real of Conflict

  • How to work with your kryptonite and find the Eros of conflict.
  • The fundamentals of projection and how you can use your beloved as a spiritual teacher.
  • The bulletproof steps to making amends so resentment disappears.

Module 4 – The Real of Sex

  • The truth about what sex is for and how everything we thought we knew is wrong
  • The connection between Eros and Trauma and how to work with the sexual shadow we all carry
  • The specific practices that will transform sex into an experience where love is really made.

Module 5 – The Real of Union

  • The secret inner practice that takes intimacy to a quantum level.
  • The Architecture of Divine Union (How to have the experience that changes everything.)
  • How to love free from fear and let intimacy change your life.


Each module, on its own, is priced on-par with 60 minutes of therapy, which is a great deal.


When I teach this privately to clients it takes 10 hours and costs over $200/hr = $2000


  • Module 1: The Real of Love – 2 hours ($400 Value)

  • Module 2: The Real of Communion – 2 hours ($400 Value)


  • Module 3: The Real of Conflict – 2 hours ($400 Value)


  • Module 4: The Real of Sex – 2 hours ($400 Value)


  • Module 5: The Real of Union – 2 hours ($400 Value)


That’s a great deal for a lifetime of intimacy.

But I am tired of money being the reason people don’t get these
life-changing teachings.

So I am putting my money where my mouth is…


Empowering Intimacy is Just $222!

  • Instant Access to all 5 Course Modules: Study and absorb at your own pace!

Get all 5 Modules for the price of ONE therapy session!

But do I need to be in a relationship?
Absolutely not. Change your intimacy game now so the next one will blow your mind.

But I have already been to therapy/marriage counselling and nothing has changed…
Good. This isn’t couples therapy. Therapists, psychologists, coaches and teachers come to Ernest for their struggles in relationship.

But (fill in objection here)…
Look, I get it. Change is scary. What if you were actually empowered to get everything you wanted in intimacy?
That’s a lot of freedom.
Your life might change.
So definitely don’t sign up if you don’t want life to change.

But if you are ready to wake up knowing you can make something new happen and create the love of your life. Let’s go.

Full Course for $222

About Ernest

Ernest Morrow is a catalyst.

Direct, irreverent, powerfully skilled and passionate. He will fight for your experience of true intimacy with every word, trick, technique and teaching he has. And make it a lot of fun because part of the medicine is learning to take it all a little less seriously.

His life’s work is to make accessible the place where inner freedom and relational intimacy converge.

He has made many mistakes. Proudly. So you don’t have to. He currently lives in Victoria, BC with his family and lives into what he teaches every single day.

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