Stop seeking.

Start finding.


Find joy.  Find beauty.  Find love.


Are you brave enough to break the mold?

This Is Initiation

You can go many places for good information. For therapy. For healing. This is not that.

This is initiation. Into Life. Into Love. It changes everything from the inside out and the ground up. For good.

Are you ready to put aside seeking and start finding?

Together we create sustainable access to freedom, beauty and love in your daily life. These are the things that makes life worth living.

There is no curriculum or script. This isn’t religion or a spiritual practice. YOU are the beginning and the end of the story. Every human journey is unique. One size never fits all.

This is about your one, precious life and the freedom to live it wholeheartedly with passion and clarity.

Because otherwise something is always missing, isn’t it?

Want to experience the fullness of life and love?

If you’re called to find your heart’s desire and live your fullest life and experience the intimacy you are designed for: The secret is learning how to harness the power of the life you are already living!

Here’s a FREE guide available to download instantly.

Welcome to The Left Hand Path

Hi, I’m Ernest Morrow


I have been called many things in my life – mentor, guide, coach, counselor, priest, teacher – but at heart I am simply my earnest Self. Passionate, curious, irreverent and mischievous.

For years I was a student and a teacher of the right hand path – the path of seeking improvement and healing. Until I discovered that there was never an end. We could be seeking and healing forever.

So I threw it all out the window, took the road less traveled and traded seeking for finding. I found the way to spend my life living and loving and enjoying every single moment. On this path our own direct experience is the teacher and the only rule is that it works.

And it does work. Life works. Love works. Inner freedom and true intimacy are everywhere if you know where to look. And showing you where to look is my favorite thing to do. For the hundreds of my students who have become finders life and love is never the same again in the best way possible.

I’m here to guide you through the doorway to a new way of being alive and in relationship.

The Initiations




Regena Thomashauer

Ernest Morrow is a genius, a poet, a healer, a guru –in the classic and deep sense of the word….

Author and Master Teacher,

Layla Martin

“Ernest is a mentor like truly no other…

Tantra Educator and Founder of The Vita Institute,

Peter Meyers

Working with Ernest is life changing… 

Founder and Coach,

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