The Left Hand Path Collective

A Community of Finders


Encountering Beauty Together

Gathering To Transform Is Ancient Technology

Do You Have A Place to Gather?


There is a reason why humans throughout history have gone to church, to temple, to mosque and sat in circles of ceremony 

These are sacred spaces where we hear a different story than the world and our culture and our family tells us.

The power of traditional institutions to catalyze transformation is waning. However, our need for community and a different story and ways to practice it still matter for us to live our best lives.

The Left Hand Path Community is a weekly immersion into the beauty of reality. Live-streamed and interactive, each week is an opportunity to tune your being to the key of Life and Love,

Teaching. Connection. Embodiment. Every week.

We gather not to seek but to find.

Is this for you?

You know the transformative power of beauty/truth and want more of it in your life

You know the value of community and the power of kindredness and companionship

You know the journey never ends but have so much fun becoming more YOU.

You are a student of true love and desire to express that fully in your intimate life.

​You are called to a path that deeply impacts your experience of being alive. More beauty. More ease. More freedom.

You are called to live your inner/spiritual life in the real world – you aren’t looking for a bypass.

You are called to encounter reality for your Self and enjoy the path of experimentation 

You are invited to the Left Hand Path Collective

We Follow Ancient Patterns of Transformation

Feeling and receiving the gift of our lives using Breath, Movement, Wisdom and Words to encounter Beauty.

Finding our whole human hearts wide open through telling the truth

Sharing our lives with each other through presence, laughter and authenticity.

Receiving the Life of the world and the Other with courageous vulnerability and inner safety.

Exploring the edges of our capacity for love by inviting our habits to show themselves

Come and see!

 The Left Hand Path Collective


Because gathering in sacred space with shared intention to encounter beauty is an ancient human technology and largely missing in our culture.


A community of fellow finders on the Left Hand Path who want freedom, beauty and truth as much as you do.


There are TWO weekly sessions: 

The River: 90 minutes via Zoom. The first hour is experiential practice and teaching the last 30 minutes is for inquiry and connection.

The Ocean: 90 minute group coaching call with Ernest applying the Left Hand Path to your life and love.


The collective meets from September-June (excluding holidays). 


The River: Mondays at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern
The Ocean: Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern

Monthly Membership Cost?

Contributing Membership $297/month

Sustaining Membership $197/month

Scholarship Membership $97/month

Membership Includes:

3 hours of apprenticeship to beauty and truth every week with a community of kindred spirits

Access to teaching, connection and guidance on your journey to fall in love with your life

Left Hand Path 1-on-1 special mentoring rates

Pre-registration to all retreats and live teaching events

Free access to the Intimacy Key and Empowering Intimacy courses

Intrigued? Come and check us out

How to Join Us 

Step 1:   Reach out to Ernest directly below or by email – ernest(at)  – and express your motivations.

Step 3: Ernest will respond within 7 days. You will be invited to a 30 minute conversation with Ernest.

The Initiations

Schedule an exploration call with Ernest.

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