Why prayer is worth experimenting with

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The opposite of trying to control the world is praying for it.

When we try to manage the world and other people so that none of our sore spots are triggered we create suffering. Most of us have proved this to ourselves over decades of trying.

The opposite of controlling is not doing nothing, however, it is about connecting as deeply as possible with the desire for Love to break through into the world. Into our relationships, into the suffering of the innocent, into the darkness of injustice, and into the tenderness of life.

The desire for love to incarnate is the essence of prayer and if we can find a way to connect with that desire and hold it in our hearts and bellies WE are transformed as we pray.

As we run this desire for love through our own bodies and minds we are literally bringing healing to ourselves because this desire for love IS love. We are welcoming love into our present moment experience.

And the world changes. As we pray and amplify the desire for love we are conditioned by this love to act with the intelligence of love in the world.

We will become agents of love without striving to be so simply because we are consciously choosing to express the desire for love to break through into the world.

So let’s ground our feet deep in the Earth, find the ocean of Desire that is in our bellies, and bring it into our Heart that wants nothing as much as it wants this love to break through into the hurt of the world.

Try it today. Try it right now. What’s your experience…?


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