Practical Spirituality

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Meditation-ClassesDoes your spiritual life inform your relationships?
Does your spiritual life connect you to your body?
Does your spiritual life help you show up fully to the wonder and grief of life?

We have come to a time in our culture where those who are called to wake up are not in monasteries they are in minivans. As the institutions in which we placed our faith and delegated the responsibility of spirituality crumble we look around and see that it is us who have been handed the torch.
No holy people will do it for us. We are the holy people.

And we have so much to work with. For the fire of everyday life with all its complex relationships and demands and temptations and distractions burns far hotter than any artificially sequestered way of being. If we harness this energy and find those who can support and guide us in this process then we catch a tail of a comet that hermetic yogis never had access to.

This complexity is the fuel, it is not an excuse. The imperative of waking up to the Truth of who we are is every bit as strong as if we were in a monastery. We must find a way to commit ourselves to this journey even though there are so many temptations to set it aside. It is harder in the marketplace then in a cave. This is why the next spirituality must be a practical spirituality. Because our frayed psyches, our fragile relationship, our tired bodies and our groaning earth long for transformation.

This is not the time for good ideas, it is time for our hearts to open in wonder.
This is not the time for pious pretenses, this is time for radical truth telling.
This is not time for moral performance, this is time to be fully Present to all that is.

This is my life’s work and I invite you to join me on the journey.


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