Are you dancing enough?

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When did we stop dancing?

If I could myself and others just one instruction for living ourselves awake it would be this: breathe and move.

It all comes back to these two simple sacraments. The breath and the body. If we are in relationship with these mysteries then we are not far off the doorway to every-where and every-when.

If I ever get to be an old man, which I hope very much to be one day, I suspect I will look back and wonder why I did not breathe and dance more. Why would I have thought anything else in the world more worth my time and attention? What could possibly have been more important to teach my children?

So with my future old man self reaching back through time and tapping me on the shoulder I will take my own counsel. Each day this week I will breathe. Each day this week I will dance.

Who’s with me?


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