The secret of conflict – relationship martial arts at its finest.

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12507276_1096287170382159_5605644374314532660_nMost of us really dislike conflict in our relationships.

If this is you then yot get so stuck there so often and so easily that you learn to really resist it.

But if you know how, conflict becomes one of the greatest forces for intimacy in your life.

There are different flavors of conflict.

Some partners go head to head blaming each other for making them feel badly. Both partners feel unjustly accused and angry.

Some relationships one person withdraws and shuts down and another pursues anxiously. One person feels wrong and the other feels abandoned.

Some relationships have lost the spark of conflict and are in a numb deep freeze.

Unresolved conflict is usually one of the reasons relationships disintegrate. Resentment builds and with each loop the conflict gathers more and more momentum.

So are you doomed? Is the answer finding a partner or a relationship with whom you won’t have any conflict? Good luck.

Most of you who have any life experience know that this approach doesn’t yield very good results.

Some people chose to fake it and suppress their emotions.

Some folks just loop over and over in fights that won’t stop.

Some people go to therapy and construct elaborate ‘agreements’ to try and prevent the triggers from happening.

Most people eventually leave the relationship.

But none of that really helps. What you need is to learn the secret of conflict and how to make it work for you to build intimacy.

The secret is that in every conflict you are at war with a disowned part of yourself.

A trigger is never just an external injustice. It always has a thread tied back to something you haven’t yet fully digested in your own life, long before your partner ever showed up on the scene.

So when you are triggered you need to learn how to trace the thread back and get to the place where you can dissolve the pain once and for all.

That’s right. Once and for all. It’s not even all that complicated.

And now you can rebuild intimacy with your partner or bow and leave the relationship knowing that you will not repeat the same dance again the next time.

This is what you will learn in Empowering Intimacy 2016

Empowering Intimacy is an approach to intimacy that breaks all the rules and conditioning that you inherited and gives you what you actually need: a foundation for true love.

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