The Left Hand Path: School of Finding Freedom

with Ernest Morrow

If this is you…

  • You have clocked time in personal growth – You know you aren’t as free as you could be.
  • You aren’t looking for a bypass – You are called to live your inner/spiritual life in the real world.
  • You long to know the real of love and express that fully in your intimate life.
  • You want a path you can walk for the rest of your life – not a quick-fix that only feels good for a little while.
  • You want an experiential initiation into the path of freedom, truth and love.

…then the Left Hand Path School may be the next step in your becoming human.

Where Does the Left Hand Path Lead?

  • Freedom – The end of suffering. The capacity to choose to experience the rapture of being alive. No matter what.
  • Intimacy – Relating from freedom allows the impossible to become possible in relationship – trust and passion without the habits of self-betrayal.
  • Purpose – Life calls you to live where your deep joy meets the world’s deep need. Arriving at this place can only be done from our personhood and not our personality.

But you have to be ready.


The Left Hand Path is not for the faint of heart.


It demands all of you.


It has no time for your tolerance of unfreedom.



True transformation follows ancient patterns

The Left Hand Path School is an authentic lineage of initiation.

We do not compromise on what is required to catalyze inner freedom, true purpose and deep intimacy.

It is VERY different from most personal growth and self-improvement tools: workshops, coaching, podcasts, books, courses and programs – aka The Right Hand Path.

On the Right Hand Path you cultivate skill and virtue and mastery; slaying dragons of insecurity and trauma.

But you know these don’t take you all the way home. If they did you would already be there.

The Left Hand Path takes the road less travelled where freedom reigns.

Nothing is forbidden. Nothing is required. The true pathless path of becoming human.

All that matters is the freedom to experience every facet of your humanity while staying in your heart.

On this path you turn toward the dragon you have been striving your whole life to conquer….

And step willingly and joyfully into its jaws.

What Makes This Path Left-Handed?


This is a school of direct experience. You learn from doing and experiencing not just collecting insights.

2. Everything is in REAL TIME

No recordings. No fabricated curriculum. True initiation cannot happen outside the present moment.

3. Personal guidance is paramount

One person’s medicine is the next person’s poison. Every student gets direct, unique, real-time support.


We use shared intention to create momentum. We set aside socializing so we can actually relate.

These elements create a powerful container for experienced finders of truth.

Life wants YOU and YOUR HEART.

It will confront you with your amateur habits of control and avoidance.

Love is hunting for you like a pride of lions tracks a gazelle.

It is time to turn and face what you have been running from

And discover it is everything you ever wanted…

Devoured by the jaws of Love.

Who we are: Dedicated finders of truth and love from all over the world.

When we meet: From September 2020 to June 2021.

Where we gather: All sessions conducted live and in real-time over Zoom.

Level 1: $188/month

1. Weekly practice groups (10 person max) – teaching/practice/integration.
2. Additional Live Q and A gatherings once a week
3. Private Online Community

Level 1 connects each student with their own cohort of humans on the Left Hand Path and offers 2 hours a week of live, real time contact and practice.

Each gathering focuses on experiential initiation into freedom and love from the Left Hand Path.

Additional Q and A sessions provide specific guidance in applying and embodying our practice in the midst of our lives.
Levels 2-6 include more 1-on-1 support and will be discussed in your interview.

About Your Guide

Ernest Morrow is a catalyst.

His medicine is too support, provoke, love, tease, hold, guide, and do whatever else it takes for you to open your heart and receive the blessing of your own life so you can be fully and freely in love.

His love is fierce and tender and his teachings are sacred and irreverent.

He does not intend to get you anywhere because he knows that you just need to learn to relax into exactly where you are.

Ernest has guided and held space for hundreds of students over the years and looks forward to meeting you if you want to be fully alive and in love.

Ernest ~ I am changed by your presence in my life. Thank you for always showing up. Thank you for all the truth. Thank you for tough love. Thank you for asking for and loving the “me” beneath all the layers I thought was me. Thank you for all the choices you made that lead you to do this work in the way you do. Thank you for giving a sh*t, again and again and again.
Hannah W.

Dear Ernest ~ This path is a rare and precious experience. I have emerged with a deep Knowing of myself, which sets me free. You have taken me to the edge of this freedom again and again – guided me and walked beside me – so I could claim with each encounter, and at my own rhythm, this Truth that changes everything. Thank you!
Patricia L.

Intrigued? Excited? Scared?

  • You have clocked time in personal growth.
  • You aren’t looking for a bypass.
  • You long to know the real of love and freedom with every fiber of your being.
  • You want a path you can walk for the rest of your life.

Book your exploration conversation below.

 ~ Welcome to the Left Hand Path ~

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