How Love Works:
The Empowering Intimacy Apprenticeship

with Ernest Morrow and Corinne Diachuk

Are you a human being who wants to crack the mystery of intimacy?

Are you a coach, therapist, healer or teacher of personal growth?

Are you called to apprentice yourself to the way love works in your own relational life?

Do people seek you out personally or professionally to help them in their relationships?

Have you already started on this path and are ready for the next step?

We are looking for leaders in relational intimacy

How Love Works is for humans who are called to be wisdom-keepers and guides in a world longing for love.

Do you hear the call?

∞ You have noticed that our culture lacks education and initiation into how love and intimacy work.

Imagine the wisdom of what makes intimacy work seeping into your bones so you can stay in love and help a hurting world.

∞ You feel the calling to support your Self and other humans in their desire for healthy, wholehearted relationships.

Imagine being a guide for others to find their heart’s desire and waking up every day confident in your capacity to serve and offer a path.

∞ You know firsthand the longing to experience the real of love and express that fully in your intimate life.

Imagine feeling empowered to model this to your family, friends and community.

∞ You know deep down that there is no shortcut and transformation is something to which we must apprentice ourselves.

Imagine learning the art of loving in a deep, embodied way that takes the appropriate time and goes far beyond just gathering information.

“Mature love is Union under the condition of preserving one’s integrity, one’s individuality. “
~ E. Fromm

Meet Lauren and Russell: From despair to delight!

If you are passionate about intimacy and love we need leaders like you!

Our culture’s wisdom and approach to intimate relationships is broken. This matters.

Because more than wealth, intelligence, success or any other factor, intimacy is the most important determinant of happiness and satisfaction in anyone’s life.

Without it humans live lives filled with unsatisfying attempts to fill the void with power, money, possessions and distraction. And the world is hurting because of this.

Right now we have an amazing opportunity to cultivate a narrative that allows human beings to flourish in intimacy rather than stay stuck. And the How Love Works Apprenticeship serves that calling both personally and professionally.

Meet Jamie and Aaron – Letting love win!

How Love Works is for lovers, guides and wisdom keepers
ready for a deep initiation.

If you long for kind of learning that lets the rhythm and music of love seep into your being and your bones you already know this kind of experience is not readily available in traditional spaces.

It’s not what you get in an academic counseling degree. It’s not what is offered through coaching certifications. It’s not available within spiritual traditions. Although each of these places has wisdom to offer.

What you seek is an initiation into an embodied, experiential, path of relationship dynamics.

As you walk the path of Empowering Intimacy,
YOU become the source of wisdom you will offer to your Self and the world.

Meet Jonathan and Sasha – The magic of union!

What makes Empowering Intimacy different?

When someone asks “How does love work?” there are a lot of answers out there. We have tried them all…

The spiritual folks emphasize inner freedom before relating to an Other. That’s important! And…

The conscious communication folks emphasize sharing one’s experience, listening deeply, knowing how to navigate conflict and creatively collaborate. That’s important! And…

The energy/polarity folks emphasize cultivating healthy masculine and feminine expressions so attraction and trust can flourish. That’s important! And…

The attachment folks emphasize one’s attachment style and healing the trauma that dysregulates our nervous system. That’s important! And…

The sexuality folks emphasize how we make love and its connection to sustainable relationship and bonding. That’s important! And…

All of these things are necessary components of healthy, adult intimate relationships. But on their own they are still not enough.

Empowering Intimacy is even more than the best of these approaches to love….

Because Intimacy Is A Consciousness.

The consciousness of intimacy allows the best techniques and tools to truly flourish and create relationships of beauty.

Empowering Intimacy has been forged over years and thousands of hours of experiments.
It weaves powerful wisdom from sources ancient and modern into a coherent, holistic and intuitive approach to making love work.

This could be your path to deeper love and deeper service

How Love Works is both a personal journey and a potential professional path.

Either way it is an apprenticeship where you learn the art by practical experience.

The art is Empowering Intimacy: The potent convergence of mind, heart and spirit.

Unlike many courses, books, seminars, workshops and teachings it takes beautiful ideas and concepts and initiates a deeply practical and embodied cultivation of wisdom.

Profound inner transformation
PLUS comprehensive and cutting edge information
PLUS thoroughly tested relational technology.

What would be possible for you after this apprenticeship?

How would it feel to have received the wisdom that changed the lives of Lauren and Russell, Jamie and Aaron, Jonathan and Sasha and hundreds of others?

How would you use it to serve your own intimate relationships?

How could it transform your vocation and professional life?

Can you imagine the confidence and empowerment you would have as someone who truly knows the dance of how love works?

Imagine finding what you have been seeking and sharing the path with others.

The How Love Works Apprenticeship Approach

1. Everything worth doing takes time.

How Love Works is a 10-month (36 weeks – 220 hour) apprenticeship starting September, 2022. There are no shortcuts in apprenticeship. To truly become one with an art we must immerse ourselves in it.

You will have the opportunity to offer the time, attention and devotion so you can truly learn the dance and not just the steps.

There are classes twice per week as well as 8 deep dive workshop days on special topics with guest teachers.

There are books to read. Experiments to practice with. And consistent opportunities for feedback and coaching as you journey.

2. How Love Works is a live, comprehensive course of learning.

From our perspective, true embodiment requires real-time interactions, feedback, conversation and exploration. This is not a self-study program.

How Love Works happens live and in real time (over Zoom) and you will have the opportunity to interact and truly get inside the material as a direct experience.

Ernest, Corinne and their co-teachers are there every step of the way.

3. How Love Works focuses on leadership in intimacy.

How Love Works is designed to empower leaders.

You will apprentice yourself not only to the art of intimacy in your own life but also how to teach and guide others so you can offer your wisdom to the world.

4. Personal transformation is part of the journey

The more we experience ourselves the greater our capacity to help others. And our journey of learning about love never truly ends.

The apprenticeship includes a full mentorship package (10 sessions) with Ernest and Corinne to explore and deepen your own capacity for wholehearted living and loving.

These elements create the powerful container necessary for becoming a leader in love.

What’s Included in the Apprenticeship

∞ A 10-month container of initiation and study – Detailed outline below

∞ 4 hours per week of live instruction, facilitated practice and guidance

∞ 8 Workshop Days for embodying core principles

∞ A full personal mentorship package for each student with Ernest and Corinne (10 sessions)

∞ Full online access to all program materials including workbook, reading list, class recordings.

∞ Online forum for questions and ongoing exploration of the material

∞ Access to Corinne’s Yoga For Sexual Happiness program – a deep dive into embodiment practices for physical and sexual well-being

Meet Your Guides

Ernest Morrow is a catalyst

His medicine is to support, provoke, love, tease, hold, guide, and do whatever else it takes for humans to open their hearts and receive the blessing of being alive and in love.

Ernest’s own passion for life and love come from his own struggles to find a path to wholehearted living and loving in the face of suffering. His determination to experience the beauty of being alive and sustainable love led him to apprentice with many different lineages from modern psychology to Zen to Montessori to Tantra to Jesus. He has a Masters of Divinity from the GTU in Berkeley, CA.

A former teacher, Ernest has a thriving personal mentoring practice and has guided hundreds of couples and individuals from all over the world to lives of deeper beauty and intimacy.

Together Ernest and Corinne live with their family of three children in Victoria, BC.

Corinne Diachuk is a pleasure activist

She offers her joy and passionate presence combined with deep sensitivity, intuition and broad life experience to serve her students and clients in living with deeper access to pleasure, intimacy and empowerment.

Corinne is a yoga therapist, Somatic Sex Educator, Wheel of Consent facilitator and co-founder of the Institute for Somatic Sex Education where she and her colleagues train professionals in this emerging field of healing and embodied personal growth.

Her own path to reclaim empowered intimacy and pleasure fuels her passion to hold spaces for other humans to find their own way to beauty and love in their lives.

Corinne lives and loves with Ernest and their family in beautiful Victoria, BC.

How Love Works – Important Details

When: September 13th, 2022 — June 24th, 2023

We meet for 36 weeks over 9 months with breaks for holidays and integration time.

Class times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm – 2pm Pacific time. (36 weeks total)

Workshop times: Saturday and/or Sunday from 10am – 6pm Pacific time (8 total)

Where we gather: All sessions and workshops conducted live and in real-time over Zoom.

How to apply: Book an exploratory call with Ernest and Corinne

How Love Works Apprenticeship Outline

Part I: Personhood – The foundation for love (56 hours)

Week 1: Personhood and Personality – Heaven and Hell is a difference in consciousness (4 hours)
Week 2: Left Hand Path vs Right Hand Path – The road less traveled and why we need it (4 hours)
Week 3: The Problem Addiction – How the false self tricks us (4 hours)
Week 4: The No Problem Solution – The answer to suffering (4 hours)

Workshop #1: Who Am I? The practice of personhood. (16 hours)

Week 5: Statements – Teaching personhood (4 hours)
Week 6: Sovereignty – Nothing happens inside of me without my permission (4 hours)
Week 7: Meaning – The secret assassin of happiness (4 hours)
Week 8: Personality Trances – How we trade truth for belonging (4 hours)

Workshop #2: Understanding Personality Trances with the Enneagram – guest teacher (8 hours)

Part II: Mapping Intimacy and Conflict

Part II: Mapping Intimacy and Conflict (68 hours)

Week 9: Nutrients for Intimacy – What love needs and how to offer it (4 hours)
Week 10: Empathy and Curiosity – The foundation for connection (4 hours)
Week 11: Presence and shared experience – How love grows (4 hours)
Week 12: Collaboration and equality – Pulling the same direction (4 hours)
Week 13: Affection and sexuality – The juice that makes it special (4 hours)

Workshop #3: Conscious Communication Experiments for Intimacy (8 hours)

Week 14: Poisons for Intimacy – What kills intimacy and how to spot it (4 hours)
Week 15: Enemy Formation – The Scapegoat Mechanism and how it works (4 hours)
Week 16: Gottman’s Four Horseman – Understanding the signs of breakdown (4 hours)
Week 17: Competition/Righteousness – How winning leads to losing (4 hours)
Week 18: Understanding Toxic Conflict – Attachment styles (4 hours)

Workshop #4: Attachment styles and intimacy: Making conflict make sense – guest teacher (8 hours)

Week 19: Approaches to Conflict – Getting back to harmony by any means necessary (4 hours)
Week 20: Healthy Conflict – Intimacy as evolution (4 hours)
Week 21: Making Amends – Restoring trust for good (4 hours)

Part III: Sexuality and Polarity

Part III: Sexuality and Polarity (40 hours)

Week 22: Masculine and Feminine Polarity Part 1 – Yin and Yang and why they matter (4 hours)
Week 23: Masculine and Feminine Polarity Part 2 – Creating Inner and Outer Union (4 hours)
Week 24: Embodiment Part 1 – Getting beyond the mental (4 hours)
Week 25: Embodiment Part 2 – The feminine aspect of Truth (4 hours)

Workshop #5: The Wheel of Consent: Creating magic with an Other – guest teacher (8 hours)

Week 26: Liberated Sexuality Part 1 – What sex is for and why we need it (4 hours)
Week 27: Liberated Sexuality Part 2 – Biology and how to hack it for love (4 hours)
Week 28: Liberated Sexuality Part 3 – Embodiment and practices (4 hours)
Week 29: Sex and Personhood – Waking up through sexuality (4 hours)

Part IV: Working with humans

Part IV: Working with humans (44 hours)

Week 30: Solution based guidance – How to create and sustain momentum (4 hours)
Week 31: Owning the space – How to create safety and direct traffic (4 hours)
Week 32: Empathy and Challenge – Designing your approach (4 hours)
Week 33: The Arc of Intimacy – Different approaches for different seasons of relationship (4 hours)

Workshop #6: Trauma informed vs Trauma-centered: Working with trauma but not working for trauma – guest teacher (8 hours)

Week 34: Individual vs Couple Sessions – Different seats and different rules (4 hours)
Week 35: Complementary Modalities – Who else is out there and helpful (4 hours)
Week 36: Clients, Money and Service – Love and freedom in a world where everything’s for sale (4 hours)

Workshop #7: Integration and Empowerment (8 hours)

Investment – $9999

How much is this opportunity worth? That’s the question.

The space to change the course of your life personally and professionally?

The space to learn and embody transformative wisdom to help a hurting world?

The chance to launch a revolution of intimacy in your own life and the lives of others?

The answer will be different for different people. There is no right answer just YOUR answer.

How will you know what it’s worth to you? Book an exploration call with Corinne and Ernest and let the truth of the moment be your guide.

Payment Options
∞ One 50% Scholarship available for every 10 students – please speak to Ernest and Corinne on your application call.
∞ Referral Bonus: Receive 10% off and offer 10% off to every accepted referral.
∞ Partial payment plan available – $5000 + $1111 for 5 months

Intrigued? Excited? Scared? – Life and Love could be about to change for you

∞ You want to crack the mystery of intimacy.

∞ You are called to apprentice yourself to the way love works in your own relational life.

∞ People seek you out personally or professionally to help them in their relationships.

∞ You have already started on this path and are ready for the next step.

∞ You want a path you can walk for the rest of your life.

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