Becoming Human Initiation

The pathless path to the rapture of being alive.

Passionate About Personal Freedom

I know there is a group of human beings whose mission it is to learn how to live lives of such beauty, courage and truth that the world transforms because of it. I’ve met them.
These humans have a deep inspiration that just keeps showing up. The inspiration to be fully alive. To hold nothing back. To be fully available to all that this life has to offer.
It is my mission to support these humans as they learn how the mystery of life works and how to find their place within it.
I mentor people 1-on-1 because this is the kind of relationship that makes the biggest difference. Because the humans I work with are family to me. And that allows us to go faster and farther and deeper because we are not stopping at a transaction. We are stepping into life.

How Do We Achieve Personal Freedom and Personhood?

Each of us has emerged into adulthood half-hearted. Which means that we are only willing to experience joy and deep satisfaction when our circumstances are the way we like.

Becoming Human is about experiencing that we are alive beyond, before and beneath our circumstances.

And this sets us free to not only enjoy our circumstances more but also stop getting in the way of beauty by thinking we know what is best for us.

Each human being is unique in how we hold ourselves back from being alive. One person’s medicine is the next person’s poison. Working with Ernest 1-on-1 allows you to find out your fastest and most direct path to freedom and love.

What Do Sessions Include?

We meet once, twice or three times a week with ongoing support in between sessions via email, text and phone. Transformation doesn’t have business hours.
I work with only a handful of clients at any one time so that I can attend daily to the energetic field that is the crucible for awakening.
As I guide you to receive the gift that changes everything you become more and more free to choose unfamiliar beauty rather than familiar suffering.
Very quickly you discover that every moment is an initiation and you can harness each and every day to empower your finding of freedom and love.

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